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Vision and Principles

CURTIS CONSULTING is dedicated to the following vision:
  • Farmers who have control over their businesses and access to tools that improve their economic and environmental performance.
  • Buyers who are dedicated to purchasing that advances agricultural sustainability.
  • A Marketplace that rewards innovation and environmental stewardship.
  • Food that is nutritious, delicious and sustainably grown.
  • Agriculture that sustains and revitalizes the natural resources and rural communities on which it depends.
  • An Environment that provides clean air and water, healthy soil, and habitat for all living things.

To help achieve this vision, CURTIS CONSULTING works with its clients to:

  • Develop Partnerships that bring together a diversity of stakeholders to define a common agenda, leverage resources and pursue change collaboratively.
  • Create Standards for environmental performance and sustainability which are scientifically credible, measurable, and meaningful.
  • Advance Policies that promote incentive-based change and reward farmers who provide environmental services.
  • Support Research that develops applied tools for improving agricultural sustainability.
  • Design Outreach and Education programs that encourage collaboration and put farmers at the forefront of implementation.
  • Evaluate opportunities and outcomes.